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A de-noising method for obtaining the periodical weak signals in strong noised backgrounds was investigated in this paper. The virtual instrument (VI) technology based on the mixed programming between LABVIEW and MATLAB was employed to realize the method. First, the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) was improved by accumulation and equilibration (A&E)(More)
In order to distinguish the microwave absorbability in deferent tissue from thermoacoustic image efficiently, the thermoacoustic signals excited by microwave were analyzed, and the shortage of image which built up by thermoacoustic signals directly was discussed. The method, which was used to improve the thermoacoustic signals, was realized by programming(More)
According to analyzing the microwave-induced thermoacoustic signals, the ranges of the amplitude and frequency were estimated and the designing parameters of preprocessor were decided. Based on the parameters, the signal preprocessor was designed with band pass frequency range from 100 KHz to 2.5 MHz, gain range from 55 dB to 100 dB and output noise is 845(More)
This paper designs one mobile physiological information monitor system based on the ZigBee protocol. The hardware structure is presented. The network communication characteristic of this system was analyzed. The paper points out the disadvantage of the connection method in the ZigBee protocol. One improved connection method is proposed. Through carries on(More)
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