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Falsetto:The phonetic nature of Rising Tone in early times
This paper,with newly acquired tone data from Gaoba Kam and Wenzhou dialect, attempts to interpret the phonetic nature of the impressionistic description in classical documents from the perspectiveExpand
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Modern education and the appearance of groups of new intellectuals
From the end of Qing Dynasty to the beginning of the Republic of China, church schools and new schools appeared and developed startlingly quickly and trained out many new - thought students. InExpand
The Sound Change of Labials into Dentals and Chongniu Type A
It is found in many languages that labial stops such as /p, b/ have changed into dental or alveolar stops /t, d/. As early as forty years ago, Fant found that this sound change is triggered by aExpand
An Outline of Tonal Typology:A Study of Tonal Types
This paper proposes a general framework for tone typology,which is built on a large body of acoustic data and a syllable-tone-phonation theory.A general tonotype inventory is proposed according toExpand
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How checked tones become unchecked:A case study of the evolution of Xiaofeng entering tones
Having examined acoustic data of four Xiaofeng Wu speakers,this paper finds the gradually changing process from the short entering tones(rusheng)with a final glottal stop to unchecked tones withExpand