Zhu Xiaoguang

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The basic ant colony algorithm for mobile robot path planning has many problems, such as lack of stability,algorithm premature convergence, more difficult to find optimal solution for complex problems and so on. This paper proposes four improvement measures. 1. Apply genetic algorithm to optimization and configuration parameters of the basic ant colony(More)
Wireless sensor network has been used in many real-time applications that require reliable and timely delivery of data. This paper presents a real-time communication protocol with data recovery at each hop level to guarantee reliability and also uses the latency of link to determine the shortest path and promises speedy delivery for wireless sensor(More)
Virtual reality technology, which is cyberspace composed of multimedia, is a field of comprehensive technology. It is of three basic feathers, namely, interaction, immersion and imagination so that we have to cope with the need for extremely large data sets, massive amounts of computation, and high-throughput networking. This paper presents an approach for(More)
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