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Linguistic Phonetics and Pan-Chronic Phonology:A New Theory
Pan-chronic phonology employs experimental phonetics as its powerful research tools to explore the phonetic nature of speech sounds,their organization in a language and their distributions in the world's languages,and to examining the mechanism of the phonological evolution. Expand
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Slack Voice:The Phonetic Nature of the Voiced Consonants in Ancient Chinese
The quanzhuo(muddy) stops(including explosives and affricates) in Middle Chinese is generally regarded as the(unaspirated) modal voiced,like those appearing in English orExpand
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Determination of air ionization threshold with femtosecond laser pulses
The intensity thresholds of air ionization induced by 800nm ultrashort laser pulses are investigated for laser pulse durations from 50fs to 22ps. The intensity threshold was determined by measuringExpand
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Time-resolved shadowgraphic study of femtosecond laser ablation of aluminum under different ambient air pressures
Femtosecond pulse laser ablation of aluminum under different ambient air pressures between 1 atm and 4 x 10{sup -4} Pa is investigated using a femtosecond time-resolved shadowgraphic method. It isExpand
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Fabrication of Long-Period Fibre Gratings Using 800 nm Femtosecond Laser Pulses
Long-period fibre gratings inside standard single-mode optical communication fibres are successfully fabricated with infrared femtosecond laser pulses. The refractive index perturbations are wellExpand
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Pulsed digital holographic recording of ultra-fast process of the femto-second order
In this paper, we report a pulsed digital micro-holography system for recording ultra-fast process of the order of femto-second. Two sub-pulse-train generators can be adjusted independently forExpand
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Application of femtosecond laser multi-focusing to parallel fabrication
A parallel fabrication method of micro-optic devices by multi-focusing fs laser was presented.The influence of laser intensity and focusing depth on the experiments was studied.MultipleExpand
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An improved way for fabricating micro-waveguide by femtosecond laser
An improved way for fabricating micro-waveguide was presented by analysing the asymmetry of laser intensity distribution in perpendicular fabrication.By incorporating a lens into the system,theExpand
Study on dispersion characteristics of a tilted birefringent filter
We present theoretical investigations of the second and the thirdorder group d elay dispersion caused by a tilted birefringent filter (TBF). The expression for the group delay of TBF is deduced andExpand
Spectrum evolution of filamentation restricted by capillary in high pressure gas
Filamentation with and without capillary restriction by focusing intense femtosecond pulses into the Argon-filled tube was experimentally studied in this paper. The results showed that the width ofExpand