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ROBONOVA-1 robot is a kind of new type humanoid robot which can offer educators, students and robotic hobbyists a complete robot package. In order to better study and develop the function of this robot, according to the analysis of its configuration and gait, a seven bar linkage mechanism is established. The forward walking trace of the robot is planned by(More)
To obtain more details about the fluid field and high stability of dry gas seal, according to Reynolds equation of compressible perfect gas, on isothermal condition, the controlling equation of gas between the T-shape groove dry gas seal faces is established, and the controlling equation is converted into a non-dimensional equation. The gas flow capacity of(More)
Aimed at the face film characteristics of Main Pump Seal (MPS), related theoretical calculation formulas were deduced based on the Reynolds equation. A case with a certain NPPS is carried out, it is take the leakage as the basic constraint conditions, the calculation focusing on leakage, stiffness and opening force, the end cone angle and clearance change(More)
The traditional restaurant service mode relies on a lot of manpower to handle customer reservation, inquiry, ordering food, placing order, reminding dishes. This article develops a wireless ordering system, which combines embedded and WIFI wireless communication technology. The system structure and working mode are designed. The software and hardware(More)
Based on nonholonomic restriction condition, the kinematics model of wheeled soccer robot is derived. Based on dynamic restriction condition, the dynamic model of wheeled soccer robot is derived with considering the dynamic of driving electric motor. Analysis shows that the line acceleration and angle acceleration of soccer robot are related to current line(More)
Based upon fluid dynamics modeling of gas-solids two-phase flows and Euler-Euler two-fluid modeling approach (TFM), incorporated the kinetic model of heterogeneous catalytic reaction, The spouted bed reactor using activated carbon particles to remove SO2 from flue gases was studied. The distribution of SO2 and overall flow patterns including a stable spout(More)
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