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Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE) is an animal model for multiple sclerosis (MS) characterized by chronic inflammatory demyelination of the central nervous system (CNS). The pathology of EAE involves autoimmune CD4(+) T(h)1 cells. There is a striking inverse correlation between the occurrence of parasitic and autoimmune diseases. We(More)
Based on the analysis of the Hadoop open source distributed computing platform as well as the parallel training methods for the BP network, for the disadvantage of time-consuming when using large amounts of texts to train the BP network, we designed a BP network text categorization model based on data parallel method on Hadoop platform using the MapReduce(More)
The concentration of ammonia nitrogen of the additional water (urban reclaimed water) of circulating cooling water of a power plant in Hebei, China was normally between 30 and 80 mg/L, the influence of ammonia nitrogen of this concentration on the system was studied. The chemical reactions of ammonia nitrogen in circulating cooling water were theoretically(More)
According to special application, surveillance camera working in the ultra-low temperature and high pressure vessel is designed. By request of optics and electronics system on temperature, research focus on the design from selection of the structure material, thermal insulation, the adaptability of optical system in the ultra-low temperature and high(More)
A system dynamics production model illustrates feedbacks between economic growth, resource depletion and environment pollution. The modeling results could offer some advice for sustainable development of JiangXi in China. The core of system dynamics model in this paper is a Cobb-Douglas production function. Six variables are evolved in the production(More)
OSGi R4 specification provides event announcement / notification model based on topic. But the model cannot guarantee the release of news publishers subscribers listen at the same pace, so the messages will be lost to subscribers who isn't listening. To solve the problem mentioned above, this paper put forward an OSGi message service model based on(More)
Electronic Product Code (EPC) and the Internet of things are developing fast with broad application prospect, thus research is done on its data processing technologies. Vending machine real-time data identified by EPC is obtained through wireless Internet of things. This data is described using Physical Markup Language (PML) after data mergence, then data(More)
Aiming at the massive data organization and management of textures with various sizes for real-time rendering of large-scale 3D city models, this paper proposes a new method: a texture spatial index tree is built up based on the hierarchical spatial index of 3D geometries, and then the texture data is written into mapping files structure through depth-first(More)