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With the proliferation of camera equipped cell phones and the deployment of the higher data rate 2.5G and 3G infra structure systems, providing consumers with video-equipped cellular communication infrastructure is highly desirable, and can drive the development of a large number of valuable applications. However, for an uplink wireless channel, both the(More)
Metric space is a set with definition of distance between eiements within this set. This paper introduces metric space into code cione detection, and uses the distance within a metric space to measure the simiiarity ievei of code. It proposed a process of building up a metric space to detect clones in software system. Based on metric space which is derived(More)
As iron and steel products demand becomes increasingly diversified and batch reduced, make-to-order production has gradually satisfied the demand of modern iron and steel enterprises. It is significant for optimization of the make-to-order production planning to guarantee punctual delivery considering inventory, production capacity, processes and product(More)
Human action recognition is an important task for intelligent video surveillance. The first step of the algorithm for the task are feature extraction and description. The result of action recognition is strongly depend on the accuracy of this step. Many method such as SIFT, HOG, Optical flow are proposed for a robust feature detection. However, it is still(More)
In order to satisfy the safety-critical requirements, the train control system (TCS) often employs a layered safety communication protocol to provide reliable services. However, both description and verification of the safety protocols may be formidable due to the system complexity. In this paper, interface autómata (IA) are used to describe the safety(More)
The paper proposes a clustering algorithm for wireless sensor network based on hypergraph. Under the hypergraph model, a wireless sensor network is mapped to a hypergraph. Then a hierarchical iterative clustering algorithm is applied to the hypergraph, thus dividing the hypergraph into multiple parts. A cluster head is selected from each part. In order to(More)
According to the principle of electric-magnetic-electric transformation relations, the underwater intelligent wireless inductive charging system based on principle of electromagnetic induction, which achieves the effect of wireless charging is proposed in this paper and it is characterized by safety, simple and agility. The details of system's principle,(More)
It is of great significance to manage and maintain EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) effectively by discovering devices running in EPON network and relationships between devices automatically. After analyzing the characteristics of EPON network and basic principle of topology discovery, a topology discovery scheme is proposed, which is designed and(More)
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