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Geldanamycin and its analogs are important anticancer agents that inhibit the newly targeted, heat-shock protein (Hsp) 90, which is a chaperone protein in eukaryotic cells. To resolve which geldanamycin biosynthetic genes are responsible for particular post-polyketide synthase (PKS) processing steps and in which order the reactions occur, we individually(More)
Tailor made: We report the rational biosynthesis of C15 hydroxylated non-quinone geldanamycin analogues by site-directed mutagenesis of the geldanamycin polyketide synthase (PKS), together with a combination of post-PKS tailoring genes. Rational biosynthetic engineering allowed the generation of geldanamycin derivatives, such as DHQ3 illustrated in the(More)
In electronic government where there is not complete trust between documentspsila sender and receiver, something more than authentication is needed. The most attractive solution to this problem is the digital signature which is analogous to the handwritten signature. The signature is formed by taking the hash of the message and encrypting the message with(More)
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