Zhu-Mei Ren

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The mtDNA Cyt b sequences (432 bp) were analyzed in 10 individuals from 8 different families of Acridoidea in China. The homologous sequences were compared, the used frequency of nucleotide was calculated and the molecular phylogenetic tree constructed by Neighbor-Joining method using T. japonica as outgroup. The confidence of nodes in the trees was(More)
The objectives of the present study were to identify a fungal strain, HEB01, isolated from naturally infected brown soft scale, Coccus hesperidum L. (Hemiptera: Coccidae), and to determine whether it is an entomopathogenic fungus. Fungal culture, reinoculation test, morphological observations, and infection behaviors were investigated. Additionally, the(More)
The mtDNA Cyt b genes (432 bp) were sequenced for 16 individuals of Oxya agavisa from 7 Chinese region, 3 other relative species (O. japonica, O. chinensis and O. intricata), and two outgroup species (Pseudomorphacris hollisi and Tetrix japonica). In the obtained sequences of O. agavisa, A% + T% was about 71.0% and 9 polymorphic nucleotide sites were(More)
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