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A sensitive and specific high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)-electrospray ionization multiple-stage mass spectrometry for the simultaneous separation and identification of 20 chemical constituents in the traditional Chinese medicinal preparation of the Shenbao tablet is established. The samples are separated with an Alltima C(18) column (250 x 4.6(More)
Resistive switching effect in conductor/insulator/conductor thin-film stacks is promising for resistance random access memory with high-density, fast speed, low power dissipation and high endurance, as well as novel computer logic architectures. NiO is a model system for the resistive switching effect and the formation/rupture of Ni nanofilaments is(More)
A general enantioselective synthesis of functionalized nitrocyclopropanes by organocatalytic conjugate addition of a variety of bromonitroalkanes to alpha,beta-unsaturated enone systems is presented. The process, efficiently catalyzed by the salts of 9-amino-9-deoxyepiquinine 1 d serves as a powerful approach to the preparation of synthetically and(More)
We report the structural and superconducting properties of FeSe0.3Te0.7 (FST) thin films with different thicknesses grown on ferroelectric Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)0.7Ti0.3O3 substrates. It was shown that the FST films undergo biaxial tensile strains which are fully relaxed for films with thicknesses above 200 nm. Electrical transport measurements reveal that the(More)
Acid mine drainage (AMD) in Yunfu iron sulfide mine contain Fe(2+), Fe(3+), and Al(3+) up to 8000, 1700 and 1200 mg/L, respectively. Phosphorus removal from synthetic wastewater with 10mg/L of total phosphorus (TP) concentration and second municipal effluent with 3.5-4.0mg/L of TP concentration were conducted with the AMD by jar tests. Dosage of the AMD and(More)
Medium Resolution Spectral Imager (MERSI) on board the new Generation Polar-Orbiting Meteorological Satellite of China (FY-3) has five spectral channels with 250m spatial resolution, which enhances the ability to observe fine surface features and provides a new data source for drought monitoring in large area. Drought status of north China is evaluated(More)
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