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Prion diseases are associated with the conformational conversion of cellular prion protein (PrP(C)) to pathological β-sheet isoforms (PrP(Sc)), which is the infectious agent beyond comprehension. Increasing evidence indicated that an unknown toxic gain of function of PrP(sc) underlies neuronal death. Conversely, strong evidence indicated that cellular prion(More)
BACKGROUND Thrombocytopenia is one of the most common laboratory abnormalities encountered in patients with severe sepsis. It has been reported that thrombocytopenia is linked to mortality in patients with severe sepsis. However, the mechanism of thrombocytopenia in sepsis is unknown. We hypothesized that inflammatory cytokines and microRNAs (miRNAs) are(More)
In addition to systemic and local factors, mechanical strain plays a crucial role in bone remodeling during growth, development, and fracture healing, and especially in orthodontic tooth movement. Although many papers have been published on the effects of mechanical stress on osteoblasts or osteoblastic cells, little is known about the effects of different(More)
Limitations of conventional regeneration modalities underscore the necessity of recapitulating development for periodontal tissue engineering. In this study, we proposed a novel three-dimensional pellet cultivation system for periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs) to recreate the biological microenvironment similar to those of a regenerative milieu.(More)
AIM Human dental follicle cells (hDFC) have the ability to differentiate into mineralized tissue-forming cells during root and periodontal development or osteogenic induction in vitro. The present study aimed to validate the osteogenic induction of hDFC by dexamethasone (DEX) and to explore the changes of related genes responsible for the osteogenic(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To treat heterotopic pregnancy with a minimally invasive procedure, absent a feticide drug. DESIGN Retrospective study (Canadian Classification III). SETTING University-affiliated hospital, center of reproductive medicine, department of obstetrics and gynecology, central south university, Changsha Hunan China. PATIENTS A total of nine(More)
Skeletal muscle cells are exposed to mechanical stretch during embryogenesis. Increased stretch may contribute to cell death, and the molecular regulation by stretch remains incompletely understood. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of cyclic stretch on cell death and apoptosis in myoblast using a Flexercell Strain Unit. Apoptosis was(More)
Detection of some interest points on an object is useful for many applications, such as local shape description of the object, recognition of the object in clutter environment etc. The same object present in different images can have some geometric and photometric transformations with respect to one another. The detection method should be robust to all(More)
A fast image stitching algorithm based on improved speeded up robust feature (SURF) is proposed to overcome the real-time performance and robustness of the original SURF based stitching algorithms. The machine learning method is adopted to build a binary classifier, which identify the key feature points extracted by SURF and remove the non-key feature(More)
Bell's palsy is the most common acute facial paralysis with its causes still unclear. At present, the most widely accepted causes are viral infections, trauma, surgery, diabetes, local infections, tumor, immunological disorders, or drugs. Unclear causes lead to unidentified treatments. Most therapeutic methods are simply symptomatic treatment. Fortunately,(More)