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Optimizing reservoir features in oil exploration management based on fusion of soft computing
This paper introduces concepts and algorithms for feature selection, surveys existing feature selection algorithms for classification and clustering, groups and compares different algorithms by a categorizing framework based on search strategies, evaluation criteria, and data mining tasks and provides guidelines in selecting feature selection algorithm. Expand
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Hybrid optimization algorithms based on particle swarm optimization and genetic algorithm
This paper develops a hybrid optimization algorithms based on particle swarm optimization(PSO) and genetic algorithm(GA).Firstly,the population are evolved a certainty generations by PSO and the bestExpand
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Detection of Mitochondrial DNA Deletion by a Modified PCR Method in a 60Co Radiation‐exposed Patient
A new PCR based method was developed to detect deleted mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA). Peripheral blood cell DNA was obtained from a victim who was accidently exposed to a 60Co radiation source in 1990.Expand
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Human Capital Prediction Based on the PCA-BP Artificial Neural Networks
According to the nonlinear feature of human capital system,using BP network altitudinal nonlinear map,we have efficiently predicted the human capital investment of various regions in China. Expand
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Simulation Optimization Platform for Vehicle Routing Problem Based on MATLAB GUI
A simulation optimization platform of the single-depot combined delivering vehicle routing problem was designed by the GUI in MATLAB,to solve materials' combined delivering problem.The platformExpand
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Optimization of RMi rockmass quality evaluation method and its application
In order to coincide the actual performance and effectively reduce the uncertainty of rock mass parameters and the inaccurate evaluation of weakness rock mass quality by these traditional cavern rockExpand
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The design and implementation of BESIII online test farm
The design and implementation of the BESⅢ online data acquisition system test farm with PC,Linux and other free software are presented.The system has been running smoothly and provided good feedbackExpand
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Analysis on the Stability of Surrounding Rock of Hydropower Station Cavern by the Block Theory
During the construction process of the underground power-house for the hydropower station,the natural stress state of the rock mass was destroyed,when the underground cavern was excavated,the blockExpand
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Improved fuzzy synthetic evaluation model of core competence for gold mine companies
With the opening up of domestic gold market, the core competence of gold mine companies is being challenged.Exclusive right to the resource cannot guarantee competitive edge.How to evaluate the coreExpand
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Intelligent System Optimization for Combinational Grades in Metal Mine
This paper integrates stochastic simulation,neural network,fuzzy system and genetic algorithm into an intelligent system to find the cut-off grade and beneficiation feed grade that maximizes the net benefit in present value. Expand
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