Zhu Jihong Zhang

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Stripe rust, caused by Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici, is one of the most destructive diseases of wheat worldwide. Resistance is the best approach to control the disease. High-temperature adult-plant (HTAP) stripe rust resistance has proven to be race non-specific and durable. However, genes conferring high-levels of HTAP resistance are limited in(More)
A bacterial strain of Acinetobacter sp., which was capable of enzymatic production of pyruvate from lactate, was cultured in a 5-l reactor with a basal salt medium. After 14 h of fed-batch fermentation, 9.56 g l−1 cell concentration in the broth was obtained with 20 g l−1 (178 mM) sodium lactate and 4 g l−1 NH4Cl in the medium; and the biotransformation(More)
To investigate the genetic diversity of seven Chinese indigenous meat goat breeds (Tibet goat, Guizhou white goat, Shannan white goat, Yichang white goat, Matou goat, Changjiangsanjiaozhou white goat and Anhui white goat), explain their genetic relationship and assess their integrity and degree of admixture, 302 individuals from these breeds and 42 Boer(More)
BACKGROUND Identification of bioactive standard chemicals is a major challenge in the study of the Chinese medicinal formula. In particular, the chemical components may interact differently depending on the preparative methods, therefore affecting the amounts of bioactive components and their pharmacological properties in the medicinal formula. With the use(More)
The optimal layout of supports is one of key factors that dominate static and dynamic performances of the structure. In this work, supports are considered as elastic springs. The purpose is to carry out layout optimization of supports by means of topology optimization method. The technique of pseudo-density variables that transforms a discrete-variable(More)
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