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A comparison study of tropical Pacific Ocean state estimation: Low-resolution assimilation vs. high-resolution simulation
A comparison study is performed to contrast the improvements in the tropical Pacific oceanic state of a low-resolution model respectively via data assimilation and by an increase in horizontalExpand
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Research on Vehicle Routing Problem Models and Algorithms of Batteries Logistics Distribution for Electric Vehicle
The battery quick exchange mode is an effective solution to resolve the battery charging problem of electric vehicle. For the electric vehicle battery distribution network with the battery quickExpand
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The deployment of the first tidal energy capture system in Taiwan
Abstract As government policies of energy resources shift towards the inclusion of renewable energy, the ocean resources have become great potential. One of the ocean energies is tidal current energyExpand
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Electrooptic effect in dyeooped polymer light waveguide film
Light waveguide thin film of dye DR-2GLF doped polystyrene is prepared by solution deposited method, and poled by electric field. The EO effect of poled film are affected by dye concentation andExpand
Discussions on the strategies of disease vector control prior to the Expo.
Disease vectors are basically organisms that transmit pathogens of various diseases. Shanghai World Expo is to be held during the peak period of disease vectors. Therefore,to reduce densities ofExpand
Traffic Flow Velocity Prediction Based on EMD-BP Method
The Smooth-EMD-BP combined forecasting model is constructed to predict the running speed of urban road traffic vehicles. Expand
Channel Equalization Secret Communication Method Based on Time Reversal
A wireless channel equalization and secretive transmission method based on time reversal is proposed, which is called equalized time reversal (ETR) technology. Expand
A survey of cancer patients’ rehabilitation therapy needs in Southwest China.
e18003Background: Medical advance in the recent decades has turned cancer into a chronic disease. At the same time, quality of life (LoF) during the treatment period has emerged as a new concern of...