Zhu Jian-qi

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Denial of Service (DoS) attacks have continued to evolve and impact availability of the internet infrastructure. Many researchers in the field of network security and system survivability have been developing mechanisms to detect DoS attacks. This paper presents a novel dynamic entropy methodology for the study of DoS detecting. When an abnormal factor(More)
Watermarking technology has been widely applied for software’s content security. A robust software watermarking approach based on shamir threshold scheme and chaotic encryption is presented. Firstly, watermark is split into pieces using the shamir threshold scheme, which helps to retrieve the original watermark with partial information and increase(More)
A novel tamper-proofing software watermarking scheme is proposed based on CLOC encoding of PPCT and constant tamper-proofing technology. This scheme constructs a many-to-one function with the watermark pieces and encodes the results of the function into constants as the parameters of opaque predicates, then distributes them in the program, which leads to(More)
This paper presents a novel and simple pixel-level image authentication scheme to detect the tampered pixels, which utilizes the extreme sensitivity of Hash function in order to achieve precise tamper localization. Block numbers and image unique index are used to extract watermarks and locate tampered position. Moreover, the property of blocks correlation(More)
Email is one of the most convenient and indispensable communication mediums in our life. However, virus and email worms quickly evolved the ability to spread through the Internet by various means such as email, and exploiting vulnerabilities, etc. This paper presents a novel email worm propagation simulation algorithm based on the user's behavior and the(More)
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