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INTRODUCTION Patients with congenital heart disease frequently require graft material for repair of cardiac defects. However, currently available grafts lack growth potential and are noncontractile and thrombogenic. We have developed a viable cardiac graft that contracts spontaneously in tissue culture by seeding cells derived from fetal rat ventricular(More)
Several studies have documented cardiovascular effects of apelin, including enhanced inotropy and vasodilation. However, these cardiovascular effects are short lived due to the predicted short circulating half-life of the apelin peptide. To address this limitation of apelin, we pursued N-terminal PEGylation of apelin and examined the cardiovascular effects(More)
This study evaluated the effects and potential mechanisms of Qufeng Xuanfei decoction in animal model of post-infectious cough. Sixty SD rats were randomly divided into six groups (10 animals per group): control, disease model, low- (4.62 g kg−1), medium- (9.24 g kg−1), and high-dose (13.86 g kg−1) decoction, and positive treatment groups (dextromethorphan(More)
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