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Web-based testing is the trend of the modern educational testing. But how to upload the formula in the testing item easily is a difficult problem. At first, this paper formulates the main comprehension of PIA and the uploading strategy based on PIA. After that, as an example of its application, this paper introduces a Web-based mathematics testing system.
Higher education computer fundamental course reform faced the 21st century has already been started in an all-round way. Innovation of teaching material's design philosophy is one of important contents that can't be ignored.The design and writing philosophy of university computer fundamental teaching material is summarized and reviewed leaded by the theory(More)
Editing and transmitting of large number of mathematics symbols and formulas online is an important aspect of Web-based mathematics education and academic information exchange. MathML technology has offered strong support for this. On the basis of comparing and analyzing relevant technology, design a formula editing system based on MathML and put it into(More)
At first, this paper studies the status of data structure in the courses for computer science and technology specialty and its knowledge structure. Then, teaching method based on knowledge structure is proposed to raise students¿ motivation, to organize teaching contents reasonably, to select topic scientifically, and so forth.
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