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Large area tiled displays are gaining popularity for use in collabo-rative immersive virtual environments and scientific visualization. While recent work has addressed the issues of geometric registration , rendering architectures, and human interfaces, there has been relatively little work on photometric calibration in general, and photometric(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the diagnostic value of the Virtual Touch™ tissue quantification (VTQ) and elastosonography technologies in benign and malignant breast tumors. Routine preoperative ultrasound, elastosonography and VTQ examinations were performed on 86 patients with breast lesions. The elastosonography score and VTQ speed grouping of(More)
In this paper, we use the fractal theory to analyze the characteristics of driving behavior time series. Three types of driving behavior such as driving a vehicle towards an intersection for turn-left, driving for turn-right, and driving for go-straight are designed as a set of real vehicle driving experiments to be carried out. The speed data collected by(More)
—The World Wide Web provides great convenience for users to obtain information. However, there exists much harmful information on the internet, such as pornographic content and prohibited drugs' information. Thus, how to filter harmful web pages on the internet is quite an important issue. In general, the problem of harmful web page filtering is converted(More)
For the reasons of low fault diagnosis accuracy of traditional diagnosis methods, a fault diagnosis method fusing BP neural Network and multi-sensor information fusion technique based on D-S evidence theory was presented to realize fault diagnosis. On the base of integrated neural network, importing evidential reasoning, a fault diagnosis technique which(More)
Original insulation resistance (IR) testers are mostly semi-mechanical megohmmeters of which a low accuracy, two displayed digital and failure in a tractor serving several purposes limit the megohmmeters usage and hide dangers. According to the testing principle and method of insulated resistor, the passage research the system which can be applied to(More)
  • Mao Li, Zhu He
  • 2015
Transient interference can dramatically degrade the performance of over-the-horizon radar (OTHR). A novel transient interference suppression method based on structured low-rank matrix decomposition is proposed in this paper. Unlike most of the traditional interference suppression methods which need three steps: detect interferences, excise corrupted data(More)
Under the influence of high voltage, UHV DC bushing will appears another complicated problem, which is the thermal insulation of the bushing. This paper has calculated the temperature distribution of the long term stable operation of the DC bushing under rated current. The gradient distribution of high voltage DC bushing in the radial temperature is(More)
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