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We test the performances of a Nd:YAG rod with a grooved sidewall in two solar pumped laser setups. In both cases, a Fresnel lens with a surface of 1.03  m2 is used as the primary solar light concentrator. In the first setup, a ceramic conical cavity is used as the secondary concentrator. Maximum output power of 20.3 W is obtained, corresponding to a slope(More)
Conversions of diazocarbonyl carbohydrate compounds catalyzed by a series of rhodium and copper catalysts in conventional heating or microwave conditions were investigated. C-H insertion product was obtained in the presence of Rh(2)(OAc)(4). Intermolecular reactions rather than intramolecular reactions occurred in the presence of copper catalysts.
Amphiphilic cyclodextrin–fullerene conjugates have potential biological activity, due to their water solubility. In order to study the influence of the linker of these conjugates on solubility and aggregation, a permethylated β-cyclodextrin–C60 conjugate with a short linker –(CH2)2NHCO–, which is attached to the secondary face of β-cyclodextrin was(More)
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