Zhouzhou Li

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Learning from the conventional practice of network IP address format, this paper proposed an IP-format-based algorithm for ZigBee energy-balanced routing protocol optimization. The algorithm combines node’s cluster address and node’s network short address into a new address and divides the address’s field as IP-format. So that the address will contain(More)
Group sparse representation (GSR) has shown great potential in image Compressive Sensing (CS) recovery, which can be considered as a low rank matrix approximation problem. The nuclear norm minimization can only minimize all the singular values simultaneously. Recent advances have suggested the truncated nuclear norm minimization (TNNM) to better approximate(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the value of genome-wide high-resolution chromosomal microarray analysis (CMA) for the delineation of pathogenesis for fetal ventriculomegaly diagnosed by ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). METHODS Three hundred and forty-one cases of fetal ventriculomegaly were collected. The samples were grouped based on the extent of(More)
In practical application, energy resource of node is extremely limited in Wireless Sensor Network. To solve the problem of hardware capacity limited and global network energy unbalance, we divide the large-scale network into equivalent layers and propose a Balanced Energy Consumption Adaptive Sensing Algorithm based on multi-hop transmission. Involving(More)
A secure and efficient key agreement method is required by Wireless Body Area Network, especially for intersensor/controller communication. The communicating parties share similar channel information at physical layer that the others cannot grasp. The physical layer information-based key generation and agreement will only pass check symbols from one side to(More)
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