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Based on object-oriented technology, analyzes the basic information model and summarizes the method and procedure of intelligent electronic devices (IED) modeling, which is explained by a protective device, concludes the problems which have come up in the process of IEC61850 Application in China. The standard named IEC61850 relay protection engineering(More)
In view of the coordination difficulty problems existing in relay protection system and high security demand of power supply, the global optimization model for protection settings was set up in power supply network based on the analysis of relay characteristics. A new multi-parameter co-evolutionary genetic algorithm, used to optimize the protection(More)
Establishing the mathematical model of instantaneous positive sequence network of power source, grounding petersen coil, ground point, capacitance to the ground to the 10 kV medium-voltage resonance grounding system with instantaneous symmetrical component, establishing the mathematical model of instantaneous positive sequence network to resonance grounding(More)
The single phase arc grounding fault is a main fault form in medium voltage distribution networks. It is essential to build an accurate grounding arc model for fault analysis. In this paper, a new grounding arc model is built based on the MATLAB with the arc gap energy-balance theory. Comparing the simulation waveform with the experimental waveform, the(More)
Most railway accidents happen at railway crossings. Therefore, how to detect humans or objects present in the risk area of a railway crossing and thus prevent accidents are important tasks. In this paper, three strategies are used to detect the risk area of a railway crossing: (1) we use a terrain drop compensation (TDC) technique to solve the problem of(More)
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