Zhou-mo Zeng

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In this paper, the absorption coefficient spectra of samples prepared as mixtures of gasoline and diesel in different proportions are obtained by terahertz time-domain spectroscopy. To quantify the components of refined oil mixtures, a method is proposed to evaluate the best frequency band for regression analysis. With the data in this frequency band,(More)
The principal refractive indices and the thermal coefficients for a LiNbO(3) crystal doped with 5 mol. % MgO have been measured by a minimum-deviation method for the wavelengths of 0.53975, 0.6328, 1.0795, and 1.3414, microm in the temperature range 20-154.5 degrees C. The constants of modified Sellmeier equations are all given in the described temperature(More)
Refined oil mixtures can be quantified using terahertz-absorption-coefficient spectra and dualistic linear regression fitting. However, when this method was used to quantify mixtures of 90# and 97# gasolines, the absolute error between the real and fitted value was large (25%), and this was due to the component similarity between 90# and 97# gasolines. To(More)
On the basis of oscillation conditions of simultaneous multiple-wavelength lasing that we have established, a larger-energy (1079.5 and 1341.4 nm) dual-wavelength Nd:YAlO(3) pulsed laser has been developed. Output energies of 3.71 and 1.39 J with efficiencies of 1.29% and 0.48% for the 1341.4-and 1079.5-nm wavelengths, respectively, have been achieved. To(More)
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