Zhou Ya - Jin

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Control of steel sheet shape and vibration at the air knives can increase the quality, save zinc and reduce costs. In this paper, an electromagnetic actuator set is designed to evaluate the feasibility of using active magnetic levitation technology to control vibration of the steel sheet. Vibration control model is built and incomplete derivative PID(More)
While recent assessments have quantified the burden of air pollution at the national scale in China, air quality managers would benefit from assessments that disaggregate health impacts over regions and over time. We took advantage of a new 10×10km satellite-based PM2.5 dataset to analyze spatial and temporal trends of air pollution health impacts in China,(More)
An algorithm is proposed to reconstruct two-dimensional wave-front from phase differences measured by lateral shearing interferometer. Two one-dimensional phase profiles of object wave-front are computed using Fourier transform from phase differences, and then the two-dimensional wave-front distribution is retrieved by use of least-square fitting. The(More)
The Diabetic plantar size and plantar pressure distribution were deeply influenced by diabetic foot syndrome. In order to recognize the relationship between diabetic plantar size and diabetic pressure distribution, 1471 foot samples were collected, including 951 diabetic feet and 520 normal ones. Firstly, the foot information such as plantar length, width,(More)
BACKGROUND Adequate sedation is important in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) following uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) to ensure patient comfort and decrease the duration of mechanical ventilation (MV), PACU stay, and bleeding. This study aimed to compare dexmedetomidine and propofol as sedatives after UPPP in the PACU. MATERIAL AND METHODS We(More)
A new type of diffractive optical bar code produced by computer-generated holographic technology is proposed. The message in the proposed bar code is hidden in the diffracted light of the bar code element and can be read from the first diffraction order. In contrast to the conventional hidden bar code, which needs a lens to focus the diffracted light, the(More)
For features of synchronous orbit target image, this paper proposes the small target detection method that based on Normalized moment of inertia feature. Firstly, this method uses gray mathematical morphological filter to pre-process the image, improves the target signal noise ratio without affecting the target shape, and then uses constant false alarm rate(More)
We investigate in detail the γγ fusion production mechanisms of two neutral Higgs bosons (h 0 A 0 , H 0 A 0 , h 0 H 0 and H 0 H 0) within the framework of the mSUGRA-inspired minimal su-persymmetric standard model(MSSM) at an e + e − linear colliders, which provide a probe of the trilinear Higgs self-couplings. We calculate the dependence of the production(More)
We investigate the process γγ → e + e − G n at the future International Linear Col-lider(ILC), where G n is the Kaluza-Klein graviton in the Large Extra Dimension Model. When the fundamental energy scale is of a few TeV, the cross section of this process can reach several hundred f b at a photon-photon collider with √ s = 500 ∼ 1000 GeV , and the cross(More)
The launch of China's new national urbanization plan, coupled with increasing concerns about air pollution, calls for better understandings of the nexus between urbanization and the air pollution-related health. Based on refined estimates of PM2.5 related mortality in China, we developed an Urbanization-Excess Deaths Elasticity (U-EDE) indicator to measure(More)