Zhou Shengming

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This paper proposes a method for action reasoning independent of designer. It is needed that the external designer writes out axioms for the agents when expressing their sensing actions and knowledge reasoning in traditional situation calculus action theory, and agent's knowledge in action reasoning is described by an accessibility relation K(s', s).(More)
This paper discusses the issues on the logical foundations of knowledge representation for intelligent autonomous agents. We analyze the limitations of the mathematical logic approaches in knowledge representations and show that classical semantic interpretations are not suitable for expressing the autonomous knowledge of agents. We propose a novel logical(More)
The principle of system's identification and modelling based on the artificial neural network (NN) were analysed. In order to avoid complex description and improve simple of algorithmization for the models of dynamic systems, the models of state equation had been adopted, and the identification models of state equation for dynamic systems based on the NN(More)
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