Zhou Qi-li

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Computer-based water body environment monitoring and management are effective methods to protect water body resources. The monitoring and management information for environmental monitoring originates from environmental laboratories. The current environmental monitoring and management of the existence of information processing is too slow to meet the(More)
A virtual learning environment is a system that creates an environment designed to facilitate teachers in the management of educational courses for their students, especially a system using computer hardware and software, which involves distance learning. It is often referred to as a learning management system. E-learning refers to the strategies that use(More)
Modeling is mathematical representation of a process, device, or concept by means of a number of variables that are defined to represent the inputs, outputs, and internal states of the device or process, and a set of equations and inequalities describing the interaction of these variables. It is a way to visualize a physical phenomenon using mathematical(More)
This paper investigates spatial interference for networks in 60 GHz band and presents a integrated 60GHz transmission module. It consists of a serial bus interface that encodes the channel selection, configures the analog parts and manages the power. Narrow beams are essential for overcoming higher path loss and can be implemented using compact(More)
The fundamentals, up-to-date research, and developing techniques of coastal environmental monitoring are introduced. Data analysis, infrastructure, modulization, and functional design of Zhejiang Coastal Pollution Monitoring Geographical Information System are discussed. Its database design and realization is put forward. The pollution analysis in the(More)
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