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This paper proposes a novel scheme of group key management based on Jacobian Elliptic Chebyshev Rational Map, named Ja-cobian Group Key Management(JGKM). The scheme is more efficient than other group key managements since fewer re-keying messages are sent when group membership changes. Besides, it provides both forward and backward secrecy. Therefore, this(More)
Rough set theory is an effective mathematical tool for dealing with inconsistencies in information systems. Dominance based rough set (DBRS) is an extension to the original rough set, in which the equivalence relation is replaced by a dominance relation. However, in some condition, the lower approximation of DBRS can be emptied by only one "malicious"(More)
The task of finding transcription start sites (TSSs) can be modeled as a classification problem. Relevance vector machines (RVM) is a family of machine learning methods that represent a Bayesian approach to the training of general linear models (GLM). Based on the Markov-chain Monte Carlo(MCMC) sampler, propose a model for using the RVM to explore very(More)
The new generation of complex mission-critical systems (such as air traffic control systems, security monitoring systems and real time systems) is inherently distributed and operates in highly dynamic environments. Fault tolerance is a main means of assurance of system reliability. Single fault tolerance policy can not satisfy the dynamic changes of these(More)
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