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AIM To investigate the factors related to the local recurrence-free survival time (LRFS) after surgical treatment of GCT of the sacrum and mobile spine combined with preoperative embolization. MATERIAL AND METHODS We retrospectively reviewed 28 consecutive patients with GCT of the sacrum and mobile spine who underwent initial surgical excision combined(More)
This paper analyzes the Quality of Service (QoS) requirements of Internet of Things (IOT). Combined with the QoS technology of the composite service, the author provides a decomposition and optimization method for the quality of the Internet of Things, and puts forward four basic QoS calculation methods. Also, the issue of QoS strategy management is(More)
Multifunctionality is gaining more and more importance in the field of improved biomaterials. Especially peptides feature a broad chemical variability and are versatile mediators between inorganic surfaces and living cells. Here, we synthesized a unique peptide that binds to SiO(2) with nM affinity. We equipped the peptide with the bioactive integrin(More)
Because of the imperfect feature of the current model and control, and frequent changes of the strip type and size, the current strip temperature control mode is not normally used in Baosteelpsilas three annealing lines. It affects the quality stability of products, energy consume, and equipments life. The new developed strip temperature control method for(More)
Energy efficiency and power crises are the critical issues that the globe is facing nowadays. Generation diversification, Demand Response, renewable energy accommodation, and reduction of Carbon dioxide emission are some of the issues that cannot be covered within the limitation of the current grid system. Smart Grid has revolutionized the generation,(More)
Oxidation leaching copper from metal powders of waste printed circuit boards (PCBs) was conducted at room temperature in sulfuric acid solution. The result showed that the copper in metal powders was oxidized by Cu(2+) to form CuCl(2)(-) in the presence of chloride ion without electrochemical oxidation. Then, CuCl(2)(-) was oxidized into CuSO(4) by oxygen(More)
This paper puts forward a general middleware framework of the Internet of Things (IOT). This framework has distributed, loosely coupled, scalable features. To solve the problems of machine processing of messages of IOT, the concept of ontology is introduced. The proposed algorithm can quickly classification and annotation of user demand, web services and(More)
The cost of system signaling is the most important indicators to evaluate the mobile satellite system location management strategy. The principle of location area design is to make the least signaling cost in location management. The objective of this research is to minimize the combined cost generated by the two wholly. On account of the characteristic of(More)
Magnetic data are often recorded in text files by magnetometers. They are not easy to deal with, and they are often transferred and written into Excel files to further process. The aim of this paper is to discuss how to use Visual C# to do the transferring work. Development tools, key technologies and flow chart of the program edited by Visual C# are(More)
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