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Owing to the different fault features of the asynchronous motor while starting and running, according to the protective principles of inverse-time over-current about asynchronous motor, an electromotor protective method which uses simplified thermal effect model is given. With the technology of single-chip microcomputer, we have designed an electromotor(More)
Satellite with a large solar panel is taken as practical background. The dynamic model of the satellite is established via Lagrange equations. This model includes the orbit motion, the attitude motion and the flexible vibration of the solar panel. The coupling relations between the orbit control force, the attitude and the flexible vibration are studied.(More)
This paper proposed a new two-dimensional Tsallis symmetric cross entropy image threshold Segmentation method. First, the two-dimensional Tsallis symmetric cross entropy is given, and then a fast recursive algorithm is used to search the optimal threshold vector. The algorithms do not ignore the pixel points which fall on the region away from the diagonal(More)
In the field of chaotic image encryption, the algorithm based on correlating key with plaintext has become a new developing direction. However, for this kind of algorithm, some shortcomings in resistance to reconstruction attack, efficient utilization of chaotic resource, and reducing dynamical degradation of digital chaos are found. In order to solve these(More)
The studies of retrieving 2D or 3D distributions of cloud liquid water content (LWC) from the airborne or ground-based microwave radiometer (AMR or GMR) using tomography begun in the 1980s (Warner and Drake, 1985). So far, some problems still exist. Take the AMR for an example. Firstly, the inverse problem is a limited-angle image reconstruction which is(More)
The online estimation of spacecraft center of mass (CM) plays an important role in the attitude and orbit control law design of large variety mass property spacecraft. Based on spacecraft motion equation, the method of using one point three orientations acceleration together with gyro information to estimate CM was discussed, the main error source and(More)
The effect of treatment with melatonin was investigated in a rat model of Alzheimer's disease (AD) involving a single intra-hippocampal injection of amyloid peptide Aβ1-42. Thirty days after this injection immunohistochemical analysis revealed significant increases of both S-100β and NFκB in cortex and hippocampus of treated animals. Levels of synaptophysin(More)
Facing growing groups of tourists, it's obviously that the traditional manual guides can't meet the needs of each visitor. Through scientific and technological means, an electronic smart guide system based on RFID technology is establishment, Expo visitors can get more information include audio and video about comprehensive equipment, exhibits, galleries by(More)
How to balance each satellite fuel consumption during the period of satellite formation keeping, which can increase the total life span, is of great importance. For the plane circle formation which center was a virtual satellite, a new formation keeping control method was presented considering the fuel equalization constraint. The satellite which remain(More)
The influence of the orbit control force on the flexible satellite is under consideration. The dynamics model of the satellite with a large solar panel is established via Lagrange equations. The dynamic characters of the system are analyzed. The coupling coefficient matrixes between the motion of the satellite and the flexible vibration are related to the(More)