Zhou Jiemin

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This paper presents a 3-dimentional numerical study with CFX software on physical field in rotary kiln with multi-air channel coal burner. The effects of some parameters on flame feature and temperature profile were conducted, which provides reference for optimal operation and design of the multi-air coal burner. A thermal measurement was conducted on an(More)
Increased miniaturization, higher power densities, and demands on system performance and reliability in electronic systems have necessitated more aggressive heat removal techniques in the thermal management of electronic components. Air jet impingement, especially in conjunction with surface enhancement, is an attractive option since a heat removal(More)
The flow characteristics of multiphase gas-solid flow in a pneumatic conveyor were investigated experimentally and numerically. Experiments were conducted to acquire the static pressure at certain cross-sections of a fine powder pneumatic conveying pipeline with a length of 26 m and an inner diameter of 53 mm. The conveyed material was fly ash with a mean(More)
Based on the relationship between the speed of the moving interface and the thermophysical properties of two phases during melting and solidification processes, a measuring apparatus was designed to determine the thermal conductivity of inorganic salts. Using sodium nitrate as the sample, an experiment was carried out to determine its thermal conductivity(More)
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