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N-Succinyl-N'-octyl chitosan (SOC) was prepared and characterized by elemental analysis, FTIR, (1)H NMR, WAXD and TG. An anticancer drug, doxorubicin (DOX), was incorporated into polymeric micelles forming by SOC in aqueous solutions. Critical micelle concentrations (CMC) of SOC were determined by fluorescence spectroscopy. The DOX-loaded SOC micelles were(More)
This paper aims to separate the sources vibration from the transformer tank vibration, which is normally collected by sensors. Blind source separation consists in the recovering of different physical sources of a system given only a set of external measurements, and makes successes in the field of machine vibration analysis and health monitoring. However it(More)
Satellite simulator is the simulation of a satellite. It constructs a realistic mission environment to test mission control system before the satellite is launched. And it can be used to train mission operators in the control center to improve their abilities of flight control. Fidelity of a simulator is very important. It can be greatly improved by(More)
The vibration methods are widely employed in the machinery condition monitoring and the time-frequency analysis has been applied in many fault detection applications. In this paper, the study of the vibrations using Wigner-Ville distribution is presented to assess the power transformer condition. First, the distribution contour plots of power transformer(More)
Right colon carcinoma with duodenal invasion is rare, and optimal management remains controversial. Twenty patients demonstrating right-colon carcinoma directly invading the duodenum presented at the Second Xiangya Hospital between 1990 and 2006. Different surgical management strategies were selected based on duodenal involvement, and patient outcomes were(More)
The combined lighting system consisting of LED street light system, power grid, photovoltaic (PV) arrays and driving circuits was investigated. To overcome the power shortage caused by several rainy days, the system is connected to the power grid. AC relay controls whether the battery or power grid lights LED according to battery voltage. Driving circuits(More)
Agricultural knowledge service is a new component of agricultural information development in the knowledge economy age. This article first explores and specifies the meaning of knowledge services and on that basis defines the concept of agricultural knowledge services. The authors then analyze the current state of China's agricultural knowledge services and(More)
This paper aims to study the sensitivity of 500kv power transformer tank to winding vibrations. Through full analyses of winding vibration characteristics, tank mechanical characteristics and vibration differences in different positions on tank surface, the authors propose some evaluation criteria and principles on vibration measuring positions on the tank.(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the roles of mouse erythroid differentiation and denucleation factor (MEDDF), a novel factor cloned in our laboratory recently, in erythroid terminal differentiation. METHODS Mouse erythroleukemia (MEL) cells were transfected with eukaryotic expression plasmid pcDNA-MEDDF. Then we investigated the changes on characteristics of(More)
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