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Based on the weighted topology entropy and the whole structure of complex network, this paper puts forward the node importance degree evaluation method according to the heterogeneity change rate of network structure. There are four parts in this paper: defining the concept of the weighted topology entropy of complex network, putting forward the concept that(More)
It is not always feasible to monitor key quality specifications in real time through hardware sensors due to measurement device or process limitation in chemical industry. The final product quality analysis by the lab generally needs much longer time that is hard to be utilized for real-time quality control purpose. In this paper, four steps for building a(More)
Aiming at the rapid increase of network flow, especially the threat caused by abnormal flow to the network security and control, this paper puts forward a network flow evaluation benchmark model. Based on wavelet transformation and auto regressive moving average model, the purpose of the model is to offer reliable reference benchmark to the evaluation of(More)
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