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Shikonin, a naphthoquinone pigment isolated from the Chinese herbal therapeutic, Zicao, has been shown to exhibit antioxidant and anticancer effects. In this study, its ability to induce apoptosis in cultured Tca-8113 oral cancer cells was studied. Treatment of the Tca-8113 cells with a variety of concentrations of Shikonin (10-40 microm) resulted in dose-(More)
Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is being used with increasing frequency for the treatment of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy (MTLE). Here, we report two patients treated with amygdalohippocampal (AH)-DBS for drug-resistant temporal lobe epilepsy. Two patients with temporal lobe epilepsy were admitted to Beijing Sanbo Brain Hospital. The first patient was a(More)
Hepatic resection is currently still the best choice of therapeutic strategies for liver cancer, but the long-term survival rate after surgery is unsatisfactory. Most patients develop intra- and/or extrahepatic recurrence. The reasons for this high recurrence rate are not entirely clear. Recent studies have indicated that ischemia-reperfusion injury to the(More)
OBJECTIVE Beyond the first 2 months of life, pulmonary artery banding is warranted before two-stage arterial switch operation. The aim of this study was to explore whether myogenic cell transplantation could contribute to right ventricular function during pulmonary artery constriction in an ovine model. METHODS Sixteen rams were assigned to one of the(More)
Based on the weighted topology entropy and the whole structure of complex network, this paper puts forward the node importance degree evaluation method according to the heterogeneity change rate of network structure. There are four parts in this paper: defining the concept of the weighted topology entropy of complex network, putting forward the concept that(More)
It is not always feasible to monitor key quality specifications in real time through hardware sensors due to measurement device or process limitation in chemical industry. The final product quality analysis by the lab generally needs much longer time that is hard to be utilized for real-time quality control purpose. In this paper, four steps for building a(More)
Competitive intelligence visualization service on knowledge discovery is an important research area of competitive intelligence (CI). Based on the current research status of CI visualization, the paper described CIS structures from point of view of the CIS, including visual acquisition, management, analysis, services, and feedback of CI in five fields.(More)
The green fluorescent protein (GFP) from the jellyfishAequorea victoria has attracted widespread interest since it was demonstrated to be fluorescent in vivo when expressed in other organisms. In order to investigate papillomavirus life cycle which hampered by the unavailability of conventional cell culture system, we constructed a chimeric bovine(More)
This paper describes a method for generating the turbulent wind field which accords with the characteristics of atmospheric turbulence model. The model of turbulent wind with colored noise is presented and then the whitening model of the UAV state is obtained by the state augmentation. This paper also designs a Kalman filter based on the colored noisey(More)
Nuclide renal dynamic imaging was performed on 88 (110 times) transplanted kidney. Two kinds of renal scintigraphic characteristics were identified in recipients with supravesical obstruction of the graft. First, the regular type was characterized by radioactivity defect area in kidney parenchyma during early uptake period followed by ureteropelvic(More)