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Development of Carbon Market in the World and Its Implications
Formulation of carbon market are introduced including legislation,regulations,trade products and procedures,especially the general regulations and procedures in those markets in the world likeExpand
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Development and problems of renewable resources industry in China
The development of renewable resources industry are taking shape in China. Recycling system has tremendous changes. A number of regional distribution centers and markets are formed. Technical levelExpand
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In the Information Technology Environment,How To Bring Up the Capacity of College Teachers' Educational Technology
Nowadays,being lack of the capacity of college teachers in educational technology,not only affected the professional development of teachers,but also affected the process of educationalExpand
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Preliminary study on techniques of improving soft texture of Peru squid muscle
Unlike the other squid muscle,the muscle of Peru squid is very soft.The processing methods for North Pacific squid did not adapt to the Peru squid. It is of great practical significance to study theExpand
On the Design and Implementation of Satellite Broadband Multimedia Teaching System
This paper presents the requirement of constructing Satellite Broadband Multimedia Teaching System based on the necessity of development of video resources. Expand
Realiz-ation of the database searching method of web-based courses and courseware CD
After the web-based courseware and courses were made into CD, two solutions to the problem of how to realize database searching function without being supported by the server(such as IIS) are introduced: one is to use HTML pages embedded with VBSCRIPT or JAVASCRIPT to visit database(MS Access), the other is to adopt HTML Applications (HTA) format to visitdatabase. Expand
Sustainability: Key to West China Development
The region of West China is very fragile in terms of ecological system, afflicted with serious soil erosion and desertification. It has been suffering from frequent natural disasters, and isExpand
Study on the biological conservation of Agehana elwesi (Leech).
Based on breeding in laboratory and surveying in field,the biological and ecological characteristics of Agehana elwesi(Leech,1889),were studied.It is an endemic and nationally endangered butterflyExpand
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Abstract Topically applied sublethal doses of eserine may interrupt chemical communication between the two sexes of Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee), by affecting calling and sexExpand
Ideas and countermeasures of promoting the development of renewable resources industry in China
Discussed the government of how to adapt to changes in management and service needs of the recycling system,why the "waste disposal fee" system is difficult to implement in China,how to change lowExpand
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