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Upregulation of Sestrin-2 Expression via P53 Protects Against 1-Methyl-4-Phenylpyridinium (MPP+) Neurotoxicity
Sestrin-2 (SESN2) is a conserved antioxidant protein that is activated upon oxidative stress and protects cells against reactive oxygen species (ROS). However, the role of SESN2 in neurodegenerativeExpand
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Endemic Arsenosis Caused by Indoor Combustion of High-As Coal in Guizhou Province, P.R. China
The arsenic (As) content of coal relating with mineralization of gold in Southwest Guizhou Province, China is up to 35,000 ppm. The coal is burned indoors in open pits for daily cooking and cropExpand
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PGC-1-related coactivator (PRC) negatively regulates endothelial adhesion of monocytes via inhibition of NF κB activity.
PGC-1-related coactivator (PRC) is a growth-regulated transcriptional cofactor known to activate many of the nuclear genes specifying mitochondrial respiratory function. Endothelial dysfunction is aExpand
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