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An Analysis of the Measured Data Concerning Circumfluence and Movement of Sediment in Continuous Curves in Shapotou in the Yellow River
Some advanced equipments,such as the acoustic doppler profiler,mini-echo sounder are used to measure velocity field,water depth,and river bed height on ten typical cross sections of continuous curvesExpand
Reasons for Common Troubles of Diesel Engine Supply System and Its Preventive Measures
The performance of diesel engine fuel supply system is the key to guarantee it to run well.The reasons for common troubles of middle plunger vice,outlet valve bare and injector needle bare of fuelExpand
Two dimensional numerical simulation of the sediment transportin Daliushu-Shapotou reach of the Yellow River
Being located in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and composed of five bends,the Dalushu-Shapotou reach of the Yellow River has complex topography.The developed and modified two dimensional RNG k-eExpand
Numerical simulation of freezing problem of open diversion canal in water supply projects in cold area
Taking the water supply project in Jinji Wuzhong,Ningxia as an example,the freezing problem of open diversion canals that are used to transport water from rivers or reservoirs in cold areas isExpand
On Fair Value Measurements and the Thoughts of Its Application to the Financial Assets Market
As a significant measurement attribute,Fair Value Measurements are widely used in the accounting standards newly issued by our country.Its application,especially in the accounting for financialExpand