Zhou Bin

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  • LIU Zhi-Zhong, WANG Huai-Min, ZHOU Bin, iVCE
  • 2007
A two layered P2P model for semantic service discovery. Abstract: In open Internet environment, it is inevitable that multiple ontologies coexist. Centralized service discovery mechanism becomes the bottleneck of SOC (service oriented computing), which results in poor scalability of system. Aiming at solving these problems, a two layered P2P based model for(More)
Technological innovation is a key ingredient in building high performance organizations and the proper evaluation of technological innovation capability (TIC) is very important for decision makers. The objective of this paper is to introduce an analytical network process (ANP) model for technological innovation capability evaluation. This paper reports an(More)
The hardware implementation of neural networks is a fascinating area of research with for reaching applications. However, the real weights and non-linear activation function are not suited for hardware implementation. A new learning algorithm, which trains neural networks with integer weights and excludes derivatives from the training process, is presented(More)
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