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With the growth of web service, traditional web service discovery mechanisms have become inefficient because of their low precision. Though the current semantic-based service discovery methods enhance the recall rate and precision in a way, most of the semantic-based service discovery methods are based on the new model of the semantic web and the ontology(More)
The hardware implementation of neural networks is a fascinating area of research with for reaching applications. However, the real weights and non-linear activation function are not suited for hardware implementation. A new learning algorithm, which trains neural networks with integer weights and excludes derivatives from the training process, is presented(More)
Geospatial data extraction, which extracts geometric information and attributes information from the graphical data file, attributes database to binary point, line, surface storage format to form an intermediate file. According to the software demand the middle point of the document line elements are separated and stored in accordance, then the elements are(More)
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