Zhongyun Zhou

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This study theorized and validated a model of knowledge sharing continuance in a special type of online community, the online question answering (Q&A) community, in which knowledge exchange is reflected mainly by asking and answering specific questions. We created a model that integrated knowledge sharing factors and knowledge self-efficacy into the(More)
The effects of different freezing treatments on the quality changes of bighead carp heads were evaluated in terms of pH value, TBARS, TVB-N, K-value, biogenic amine, total aerobic counts (TACs), drip loss, cooking loss and electrical conductivity (EC) during ice storage. Fish heads were stored at -40°C (T1), -40°C for 12h and then -18°C (T2), -18°C (T3) for(More)
Advances in social virtual worlds, such as Second Life, create new opportunities for various applications in business, education, entertainment, and many other real-world domains. However, the benefits of social virtual worlds cannot be realized without sufficient user participation. There is thus far a paucity of research that has investigated people’s(More)