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Improve the dynamic interaction between embedded device and mobile phone is an important issue in WAP domain. To address this problem, we make cgi, WMLscript and embedded database collaboratively running to fulfill the requirements of mobile phone. On embedded device, cgi receive the parameters submitted by mobile phone and query the database, it appends(More)
Dependency search is an important tactic in many software activities, particularly during software maintenance. Eclipse has a few powerful tools to support such activity but they can be more convenient for programmers to use. In this paper, we proposed a light-weight and agile Eclipse plug-in: Dependency Browser, which parses call dependencies and presents(More)
To effectively track targets under partial occlusion and illumination variation, an improved target tracking method based on combination of sparse representation and particle filtering is proposed in this paper. We regard the candidate target particle set as redundant dictionary and the target template as observation signal to reduce the computational(More)
Smart home controller have been used in many cases, user can monitor and control the electrical device in home from distance through Internet. In this paper we introduced the implementation of smart home controller. The system consists of three subsystems: embedded controller, signal converter and terminal device. To enable the user manage the controller(More)
With the dramatic increase of information on Web, text filtering is a key technology in content processing. Now more and more researchers know that filter must be based on the meaning of the word but not on a specific sequence of signs, so they pay more and more attention on filtering method based on semantics recently. However, the usability of these(More)
Frame shapes, which are made of struts, have been widely used in many fields, such as art, sculpture, architecture, and geometric modeling, etc. An interest in robotic fabrication of frame shapes via spatial thermoplastic extrusion has been increasingly growing in recent years. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm to generate a feasible fabrication(More)
Zr(IV) can form phosphate and Zr(IV) (-PO₃2--Zr4+-) complex owing to the high affinity between Zr(IV) with phosphate. Zr(IV) can induce the aggregation of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), while adenosine triphosphate(ATP) can prevent Zr(IV)-induced aggregation of AuNPs. Herein, a visual and plasmon resonance absorption (PRA)sensor for ATP have been developed(More)
Aspect-oriented languages provide great flexibility for software modularization. When choosing from many alternatives we can find the designs that better meet our needs; however there is also a greater risk to misuse this flexibility, thus leading to designs which are too complicated. In this paper we show that there can be different solutions to a single(More)
Electronic-paper provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper. This paper introduces electronic paper mechanism,e, panel structure, e-paper controller S1D13521 and its update mode. We also presented our e-reader project and its hardware and software architecture. We also discussed battery-save mode and two EPD driver mode:(More)
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