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While horizontal gradients of biodiversity have been examined extensively in the past, vertical diversity gradients (elevation, water depth) are attracting increasing attention. We compiled data from 443 elevational gradients involving diverse organisms worldwide to investigate how elevational diversity patterns may vary between the Northern and Southern(More)
A large area of plantations has been established worldwide and especially in China. Evaluating the restoration status of these plantations is essential for their long-term management. Based on our previous work, we used an ecological memory (EM) approach to evaluate four 26-year-old plantations that represent four common kinds of plantations in subtropical(More)
To explore replacement control of the invasive weed Ipomoea cairica, we studied the competitive effects of two valuable natives, Pueraria lobata and Paederia scandens, on growth and photosynthetic characteristics of I. cairica, in pot and field experiments. When I. cairica was planted in pots with P. lobata or P. scandens, its total biomass decreased by(More)
Long-term ecological data play a vital role in ecological conservation and restoration, however, using information from local forest soil pollen data to assist restoration remains a challenge. This study analyzed two data sets, including 1) surface soil pollen (0-5 cm) and current vegetation data from four near-natural communities and four plantations, and(More)
Industrial pollutants induce the production of toxic reactive oxygen species (ROS) such as O2(.-), H2O2, and (·)OH in plants, but they have not been well quantified or localized in tissues and cells. This study evaluated the pollutant- (HSO3(-), NH4NO3, Al(3+), Zn(2+), and Fe(2+)) induced toxic effects of ROS on the aerial roots of Chinese banyan (Ficus(More)
Hybridization between exotic and native species is of great interest to evolutionary biologists and ecologists because it usually shows a quick evolution of species and invasiveness. It has been reported that such hybridization frequently increases the adaptation and aggressiveness of the new hybrids. A hybrid between invasive Sphagneticola trilobata and(More)
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