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This paper discusses the designing approach of the sliding mode observers. Based on Edwards's sliding mode observer, a robust sliding mode observer is presented, and the singular value decomposition technology endows the canonical process with simplicity. Then the linear feedback gain and the nonlinear feedback gain of the robust sliding mode observer are(More)
According to the designing method of robust sliding mode observers based on LMI in the references <sup>[8]</sup>, the problems of the multiplicative fault detection and reconstruction in linear dynamic systems are studied. By designing robust sliding mode observers with LMI and applying the equivalence output error concept, the fault information is obtained(More)
The states estimation of dynamic system plays an essential role in the fields of science research and engineering application. The designing method of robust sliding mode observers with unknown disturbance is proposed in this paper, and the novel robust sliding mode observers and the optimal sliding strategies are designed by using the simplified technique(More)
In order to detect abnormal events of chemical processes, a new fault detection method based on kernel principal component analysis (KPCA) is described. Firstly, it removes the noise from data set using wavelet packet transform (WPT). Secondly, a feature vector selector schemes (FVS) based on a geometrical consideration is given to reduce the computation(More)
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