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Doxorubicin (DOX) is an anthracycline drug with a wide spectrum of antineoplastic activities. However, it causes cardiac cytotoxicity, and this limits its clinical applications. MicroRNA-21 (miR-21) plays a vital role in regulating cell proliferation and apoptosis. While miR-21 is preferentially expressed in adult cardiomyocytes and involved in cardiac(More)
Autophagy plays a protective role in endotoxemic mice. Heat shock factor 1 (HSF-1) also plays a crucial protective role in endotoxemic mice by decreasing inflammatory cytokines. The purpose of this study was to determine whether HSF-1 is involved in attenuating the release of inflammatory cytokines in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-stimulated mice and peritoneal(More)
Sepsis, a systemic inflammatory response to infection, is the major cause of death in intensive care units (ICUs). The mortality rate of sepsis remains high even though the treatment and understanding of sepsis both continue to improve. Sinomenine (SIN) is a natural alkaloid extracted from Chinese medicinal plant Sinomenium acutum, and its hydrochloride(More)
AIMS Recent studies have identified the critical roles of nucleolin in a variety of cellular processes, including regulation of viral replication and tumour formation. However, the possible roles of nucleolin in myocardial preconditioning remain undefined. METHODS AND RESULTS We used an in vivo rat myocardial ischaemic preconditioning (IP) model (four(More)
Improvement of blood flow and promotion of angiogenesis are important therapeutic measures for the treatment of ischemic peripheral vascular diseases. Since apolipoprotein (a) (apo (a)) is a glycoprotein with repetitive kringle domains exhibiting 75% to 98% structural homology with plasminogen (Plg), apo (a) may also have a negative effect on endothelial(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the nucleolus expression in the diabetic cardiomyopathy. METHODS The rats were divided into a control group and a type II diabetic cardiomyopathy group (model group). In the model group, rats were fed with high-fat and high-sugar food (rats were intravenously injected with 60 mg/kg chain urea with cephalosporins in the 5th and 6th(More)
Denatured dermis, a part of dermis in burned skin, has the ability to restore its normal morphology and functions after their surrounding microenvironment is improved. However, the cellular and molecular mechanisms by which the denatured dermis could improve wound healing are still unclear. This study aimed to investigate the role of nucleolin during the(More)
Our recent studies have indicated that nucleolin, as a multifunctional RNA-binding protein, exerts protective effects in the myocardial cells and endothelial cells under the condition of oxidative stress. However, the function of nucleolin and its potential mechanism in macrophage-derived foam cell formation remain largely unexplored. ApoE-/- mice were fed(More)
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