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Keywords: Stock price forecasting Interval-valued data Multiple-output support vector regression Firefly algorithm Trading strategy a b s t r a c t Highly accurate interval forecasting of a stock price index is fundamental to successfully making a profit when making investment decisions, by providing a range of values rather than a point estimate. In this(More)
Electricity load forecasting is an important issue that is widely explored and examined in power systems operation literature and commercial transactions in electricity markets literature as well. Among the existing forecasting models, support vector regression (SVR) has gained much attention. Considering the performance of SVR highly depends on its(More)
Previously, uridine pro-drug 2',3',5'-tri-O-acetyluridine (PN401) was shown to be protective in the mitochondrial complex II inhibitor 3-nitropropionic acid model of Huntington's disease (HD). In this study, PN401 increased survival and improved motor function on the rotarod in both R6/2 and N171-82Q polyglutamine repeat mouse models of HD. PN401(More)
—Opposition-based Learning (OBL) has been reported with an increased performance in enhancing various optimization approaches. Instead of investigating the opposite point of a candidate in OBL, this study proposed a partial opposition-based learning (POBL) schema that focuses a set of partial opposite points (or partial opposite population) of an estimate.(More)
 Proposing a novel interval-valued electricity demand forecasting approach.  BEMD and SVR are integrated for interval forecasting of electricity demand.  The EMD-based modeling framework are extended to deal with interval forecasting  BEMD is used to decompose both the lower and upper bounds electricity demand series.  The proposed modeling framework(More)