Zhongxing Yu

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Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) are the most popular Human-Computer-Interfaces in today's software system. GUIs become more and more popular because they can bring the flexibility to users, i.e. the user is not restricted to a fixed ordering of inputs. Exhaustive GUIs testing in terms of covering all potential user interface problems can improve software(More)
Among the many different kinds of program repair techniques, one widely studied family of techniques is called test suite based repair. Test-suites are in essence input-output specifications and are therefore typically inadequate for completely specifying the expected behavior of the program under repair. Consequently, the patches generated by test suite(More)
Debugging is an indispensable yet frustrating activity in software development and maintenance. Thus, numerous techniques have been proposed to aid this task. Despite the demonstrated effectiveness and future potential of these techniques, many of them have the unrealistic single-fault failure assumption. To alleviate this problem, we propose a technique(More)
Context: The increasing adoption of test-driven development results in software projects with strong test suites. These suites include a large number of test cases, in which developers embed knowledge about meaningful input data and expected properties in the form of oracles. Objective: This article surveys various works that aim at exploiting this(More)
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