Zhongxing Ming

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—Information-Centric Networking (ICN) provides substantial flexibility for users to obtain information. One of the most important commonalities of ICN designs is the universal caching. It is widely accepted that the in-network caching would improve performance. However, there has been no consensus on how to design an efficient caching scheme in ICN network.(More)
The Internet is a great hit in human history. However, it has evolved greatly from its original incarnation. Content distribution is playing a central role in today " s Internet, which makes it difficult for the conventional host-to-host communication to meet the enormous demands. In this paper, we present SIONA as a service and information oriented network(More)
The goal of this paper is to improve wireless AP caching by leveraging in-network caching. We observe that by treating routers as an in-network storage extension, we can relieve the storage limitation of APs. The unique challenge is that APs and routers cannot have a full collaboration, which makes the problem different from traditional cooperative caching(More)
It has long been ill to manage mobility in IP networks. In this paper we propose namebased sockets and apply a name-based approach to improve Shim6 (a host-based multihoming solution) to support host mobility. We show how the name-based approach intrinsically transforms Shim6 into a mobility solution and how the existing infrastructure is sufficient to(More)
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