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On the Design of Single-Layer Circuit Analog Absorber Using Double-Square-Loop Array
A detailed study of a single-layer circuit analog absorber using double-square-loop array reveals that three resonances can be obtained within its operating frequency band. An equivalent circuitExpand
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Frequency-Selective Rasorber Based on Square-Loop and Cross-Dipole Arrays
A novel design of a transmission window within the absorption band of a circuit analog absorber, named as frequency-selective rasorber (FSR), is presented. Based on an equivalent circuit model, theExpand
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High-Efficiency Sea-Water Monopole Antenna for Maritime Wireless Communications
This paper presents a study of sea-water monopole antenna at very high frequency (VHF) band for maritime wireless communications. The sea-water monopole antenna consists of a feeding probe and aExpand
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Wideband Microwave Absorber Based on a Two-Dimensional Periodic Array of Microstrip Lines
The modeling and design is presented of a new kind of circuit analogue absorber, which intercepts the electromagnetic waves through a two-dimensional periodic array of microstrip lines loaded withExpand
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A Novel Band-Reject Frequency Selective Surface With Pseudo-Elliptic Response
A novel frequency selective surface (FSS) exhibiting pseudo-elliptic band-reject response is presented. The proposed FSS consists of a two-dimensional periodic array of microstrip lines. For anExpand
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Wideband 3D Frequency Selective Rasorber
This communication presents a 3D frequency selective rasorber (FSR) with bandpass filtering response and wideband absorption characteristics. By loading an array of lumped resistors at one side of aExpand
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Three-Dimensional Bandpass Frequency-Selective Structures With Multiple Transmission Zeros
A new class of three-dimensional (3-D) bandpass frequency-selective structures (FSSs) with multiple transmission zeros is presented to realize wide out-of-band rejection. The proposed FSSs are basedExpand
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Wideband and Low-Profile H-Plane Ridged SIW Horn Antenna Mounted on a Large Conducting Plane
This communication presents a wide-band and low-profile H-plane horn antenna based on ridged substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) with a large conducting ground. The horn antenna is implemented in aExpand
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Planar Helical Antenna of Circular Polarization
A planar helical antenna is presented for achieving wideband end-fire radiation of circular polarization while maintaining a very low profile. The helix is formed using printed strips withExpand
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A Thin and Broadband Absorber Using Double-Square Loops
This letter presents a design of thin and broadband absorbers using a two-dimensional (2-D) periodic array of double-square loops printed on a dielectric substrate. Lumped resistors are inserted intoExpand
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