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For equipment's PHM (Prognostics and Health Management), it is important to acquire the environment information of temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration, impact acceleration and magnetic field intensity, etc. These relevant parameters which are used to predict failure progression will accumulate for years of periods. This paper designed a low power(More)
The spatial information of the video sequence is introduced into the background modeling process to deal with the problems of the traditional single-pixel based mixture of Gaussians moving objects detection method. Gaussian modeling process is improved to adaptively select the number of models, learning rate and other parameters by adjacent neighborhood(More)
A complete planning mechanism was established to improve efficiency of trajectory planning of biped robot. The kinematic model of robot's legs was built by D-H method. Trajectory planning for robot's legs was finished based on complete kinematic model of the biped robot. The stability of the robot was improved by adding multiple geometrical constraints.(More)
High-precision barometric altitude measurement method and technology are studied in this paper. A new MEMS piezoresistive pressure sensor and microprocessor are used to realize altitude measurement. Temperature drift error of the pressure sensor is compensated by quadratic pressure compensation algorithm and the compensated pressure value is digitally(More)
Three-dimensional graphene foam (GF) is synthesized by CVD. When water flows through GF, electricity is induced. The direction of the induced current is dominated by the flow direction of water; the value of induced current is related to the flow velocity but has no relationship with the flow direction and external bias voltage.
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