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Based on the Noether's theorem, we develop systematically and rigorously the spin-dependent formulation of the conservation laws. The effect of the electronic polarization due to the spin-orbit coupling is included in the Maxwell equations. The polarization is related to the antisymmetric components of spin current, and it provides a possibility to measure(More)
The existence of a background spin current under thermodynamic equilibrium is an interesting phenomenon in the two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba spin-orbit coupling (RSOC). Here we study the equilibrium spin current (ESC) in graphene with RSOC. For an infinite graphene with uniform RSOC, we found that the ESC is proportional to λ(2) with λ the Rashba(More)
The unusual tunneling effects of massless chiral fermions (mCF) and massive chiral fermions (MCF) in a single layer graphene and bilayer graphene represent some of the most bizarre quantum transport phenomena in condensed matter system. Here we show that in a two-dimensional semiconductor with Rashba spin-orbit coupling (R2DEG), the real-spin chiral-like(More)
Ratchet is a device that produces direct current of particles when driven by an unbiased force. We demonstrate a simple scattering quantum ratchet based on an asymmetrical quantum tunneling effect in two-dimensional electron gas with Rashba spin-orbit interaction (R2DEG). We consider the tunneling of electrons across a square potential barrier sandwiched by(More)
Using a tight binding model, we have investigated charge transport in model DNA sequences under external ac bias. The numerical results of emittance for several model DNA sequences are found to be well described by an analytical formula, especially when the dynamic response is inductivelike. This formula can be understood from general considerations of(More)
We report a theoretical study on the spin and electron transport in the nonlocal lateral spin valve with a non-collinear magnetic configuration. The nonlocal magnetoresistance, defined as the voltage difference on the detection lead over the injected current, is derived analytically. The spin transfer torques on the detection lead are calculated. It is(More)
Phase relaxation of electrons transferring through an electromechanical transistor is studied using the Aharonov-Bohm interferometer. Using the quantum master equation approach, the phase properties of an electron are numerically analyzed based on the interference fringes. The coherence of the electron is partially destroyed by its scattering on excited(More)
We present a systematic investigation of the effect of spin-orbit interaction on optical conductivity in monolayer graphene. Our key findings are: (i) level splitting at various crystal symmetry points caused by true spin as well as pseudospin of the electrons gives rise to a resonant current response; (ii) under heavy doping, the spin-orbit interaction(More)