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This paper discusses the reliability of distributed systems in which nodes may fail with certain probabilities. The distributed systems have been modeled by a probabilistic graph G. We focus on the communication reliability that is characterized by a particular reliability attribute, the residual connectedness reliability, denoted by R(G). The residual(More)
Generalized projective synchronization of time-delayed fractional order chaotic systems is studied. By using the stability theory of linear fractional order systems with time delays, suitable conditions for achieving generalized projective synchronization are given. Numerical simulations coincide with the theoretical analysis.
Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) is a fundamental and key step for implementing other tasks in bioinformatics, such as phylogenetic analyses, identification of conserved motifs and domains, structure prediction, etc. Despite the fact that there are many methods to implement MSA, biologically perfect alignment approaches are not found hitherto. This paper(More)
The reliability of distributed systems & computer networks in which computing nodes and/or communication links may fail with certain probabilities have been modeled by a probabilistic network. Computing the residual connectedness reliability (RCR) of probabilistic networks under the fault model with both node & link faults is very useful, but is an NP-hard(More)
With the rapid evolution of documents on the World Wide Web which express opinions, there exists an increasing demand for developing such a sentiment analysis technique that can easily adapt to new domains with minimum supervision. This article introduces a novel weakly supervised approach for Chinese sentiment classification. The approach applies a variant(More)
An artificial immune system inspired by the fundamental principle of the vertebrate immune system, for solving constrained optimization problems, is proposed. The analogy between the mechanism of biological immune response and constrained optimization formulation is drawn. Individuals in population are classified into feasible and infeasible groups(More)
BACKGROUND Two major ways of macrophage (MΦ) activation can occur in radiation-induced pulmonary injury (RPI): classical and alternative MΦ activation, which play important roles in the pathogenesis of RPI. MΦ can produce chemokine MΦ inflammatory protein-1α (MIP-1α), while MIP-1α can recruit MΦ. The difference in the chemotactic ability of MIP-1α toward(More)