Zhongsheng Wang

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The mushroom bodies are key features of the brain circuitry for insect associative learning, especially when evoked by olfactory cues. Mushroom bodies are also notable for the close-packed parallel architecture of their many intrinsic neuronal elements, known as Kenyon cells. Here, we report that Kenyon cells of adult Drosophila exhibit synchronous(More)
In recent years, various single-molecule electronic components have been demonstrated. However, it remains difficult to predict accurately the conductance of a single molecule and to control the lateral coupling between the π orbitals of the molecule and the orbitals of the electrodes attached to it. This lateral coupling is well known to cause broadening(More)
In this paper, we present a novel semi-supervised strategy for machine fault diagnosis. In the proposed method, we select parzen window as the generative classifier and Gentleboost as the discriminative classifier. Compared with SVM, boosting method has a very interesting property of relative immunity to overfitting. In addition, we propose a novel adaptive(More)