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(2013), " The impact of IT capabilities on firm performance: The mediating roles of absorptive capacity and supply chain agility " , Abstract Researchers and practitioners regard information technology (IT) as a competitive tool. However, current knowledge on IT capability mechanisms that affect firm performance remains unclear. Based on the dynamic(More)
The support vector machine (SVM) has been applied to the problem of bankruptcy prediction, and proved to be superior to competing methods such as the neural network, the linear multiple discriminant approaches and logistic regression. However, the conventional SVM employs the structural risk minimization principle, thus empirical risk of misclassification(More)
In a very recent paper by Kuo et al. [M. Group decision-making based on concepts of ideal and anti-ideal points in a fuzzy environment, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 45 (3–4) (2007) 324–339], a fuzzy multicriteria decision analysis method based on the concepts of ideal and anti-ideal points was presented. This note illustrates with a numerical example(More)
Most of the previous studies on scientific collaborator recommendation are based on social proximity analysis to suggest collaborators. However, the extracted homogeneous features cannot well represent the multiple factors which may implicitly affect the future scientific collaboration. In this paper we propose an approach based on the multiple(More)