Zhongsheng Hua

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In a paper by Chang [D.Y. Chang, Applications of the extent analysis method on fuzzy AHP, European Journal of Operational Research 95 (1996) 649–655], an extent analysis method on fuzzy AHP was proposed to obtain a crisp priority vector from a triangular fuzzy comparison matrix. It is found that the extent analysis method cannot estimate the true weights(More)
This paper revisits the fuzzy logarithmic least squares method (LLSM) in the analytic hierarchy process and points out its incorrectness in the normalization of local fuzzy weights, infeasibility in deriving the local fuzzy weights of a fuzzy comparison matrix when the lower bound value of a non-normalized fuzzy weight turns out to be greater than its upper(More)
Researchers and practitioners regard information technology (IT) as a competitive tool. However, current knowledge on IT capability mechanisms that affect firm performance remains unclear. Based on the dynamic capabilities perspective and the view of a hierarchy of capabilities, this article proposes a model to examine how IT capabilities (i.e., flexible IT(More)
In this paper, a DS–AHP method is proposed for MADM problems with incomplete information. Different from most of current methods, the DS–AHP method solves a problem directly based on its incomplete decision matrix. On the base of Dempster–Shafer theory of evidence, our approach first identifies all possible focal elements from the incomplete decision(More)
In a very recent paper by Kuo et al. [M.S. Kuo, G.H. Tzeng, W.C. Huang, Group decision-making based on concepts of ideal and anti-ideal points in a fuzzy environment, Mathematical and Computer Modelling 45 (3–4) (2007) 324–339], a fuzzy multicriteria decision analysis method based on the concepts of ideal and anti-ideal points was presented. This note(More)
Owing to demand characteristics of spare part, demand forecasting for spare parts is especially difficult. Based on the properties of spare part demand, we develop a hybrid forecasting approach, which can synthetically evaluate autocorrelation of demand time series and the relationship of explanatory variables with demand of spare part. In the described(More)
This paper investigates a portfolio approach to multi-product newsboy problem with budget constraint, in which the procurement strategy for each newsboy product is designed as portfolio contract. A portfolio contract consists of a fixed-price contract and an option contract. We model the problem as a profit-maximization model, and propose an efficient(More)
The support vector machine (SVM) has been applied to the problem of bankruptcy prediction, and proved to be superior to competing methods such as the neural network, the linear multiple discriminant approaches and logistic regression. However, the conventional SVM employs the structural risk minimization principle, thus empirical risk of misclassification(More)