Zhongru Li

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CRN1/PPH/NYC3 is one of the key genes responsible for chlorophyll degradation during senescence in both Arabidopsis and rice. In this study, BeCRN1 and its promoter, BeCRN1p, were isolated from, Bambusa emeiensis ‘Viridiflavus’, a bamboo variety, for the first time. BeCRN1 consists of 1,646 bp, with an open reading frame of 1,473 bp, encoding a predicted(More)
Based on the screening of various hormone combinations, we have established an efficient micropropagation and callus regeneration system from the axillary buds of B. ventricosa. We found that 6-benzyladenine (6-BA) had a dominant role in promoting bud sprouting, multiple bud induction and proliferation in B. ventricosa. Meanwhile α-naphthaleneacetic acid(More)
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